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Deliver training that drives results.

Reduce training overload with science-backed LMS and
Course-design so that your customers keep coming back
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Training Management platform built on Open edXĀ®, trusted by top organisations including

Is Your Current Training Solution Falling Short?

šŸ„µ Clunky and Costly Offline Training
šŸ˜’ Low completion and high churn from Outdated LMS
šŸ˜µā€šŸ’« Can't track what's going on
šŸ˜” Still Stuck in a one-size-fits-all rut
Blend-ed helps you create engaging training programs at scale that increase your product adoption and retention.

Backed by Open Innovation

Built atop Open edX, a cutting-edge open-source LMS developed by Harvard and MIT, and continually improved by a global community of educators and developers.

Open edX Services by Blend-ed
Backed by Open Innovation

Effortless Course Creation

Ditch clunky LMS and Transform your training into an immersive, branded experience that customers love.

Effortless Course Creation

Science-Backed Design

Ensure knowledge transfer and maximize product value delivery with our proven instructional methods.

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Science-Backed Design

Personalized Learning

Tailor learning paths and deliver the right content to the right people at the right time through cohort-based learning.

Personalized Learning

Turn Expertise into Revenue: Monetize your Training

Transform your training from a cost center into a profitable revenue stream.

Turn Expertise into Revenue: Monetize your Training

Scale Effortlessly, Deliver Globally

Train more people, in more languages, with less effort.

Data-Driven Decision: Measure, Optimize and Succeed

Gain valuable metrics to optimize your training programs for maximum impact.

Transform your training programs and achieve outstanding results.

Experience the difference with Blend-ed today.