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What is the Open edX® platform?

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Your Gateway to Dynamic Online Learning

Open edX® is a powerful and versatile open-source online learning management system designed to empower educators, institutions, and businesses in creating and delivering cutting-edge digital education. Developed by prestigious institutions such as Harvard and MIT, Open edX® provides a robust foundation for building engaging, scalable, and customizable online courses.

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The Open edX platform provides rich online assessments with rapid feedback, adaptive hinting, videos with interspersed concept questions, and a range of other methods to activate student learning.

— Krishna Rajagopal

Professor of Physics and Dean for Digital Learning, MIT
Your Comprehensive Solution for Blended Education

Stay Competitive with Blend-ed

Harness the power of a cutting-edge platform built on top of Open edX®, founded by Harvard and MIT. In the rapidly evolving world of education, Blend-ed ensures you stay ahead of the curve.

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Access Grading Tools and Analytical Insights

Stay Ahead of the Technological Curve

Blend-ed offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for incorporating elements like interactive videos, exercises, simulations, games, virtual labs, and discussion boards to create a personalized learning environment.

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Less Teaching Effort


Better Performance

Stay Ahead of the Technological Curve

Fully Branded Learning Experience

Offer your students a seamless learning experience across Web, Android, and iOS platforms.

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Fully Branded Learning Experience

Streamline Administrative Processes

Blend-ed's automation capabilities are designed to streamline administrative processes, allowing you to focus on delivering quality education while reducing operational costs.

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Streamline Administrative Processes

Improve Student Engagement

With Blend-ed, you can significantly improve student engagement, leading to higher retention rates and course completion.

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Higher Success Rate

Higher Intrinsic Motivation

Higher Retention Rate

Improve Student Engagement

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Our vibrant community of educators and institutions from around the world are using Blend-ed to transform their educational services. Join us and be part of the future of education.

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Scale Effortlessly

Whether you're an online educational company, a private university, or a specialized training provider, Blend-ed's highly scalable and reliable LMS ensures you can expand without hurdles.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Harness the power of comprehensive data and analytics with Blend-ed. Make informed decisions to continually refine and improve your educational offerings.

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