Our vision

Make learning easier, more relevant, more efficient, and far more accessible, for all sorts of people, all around the world.

Our mission

Create blended learning ecosystems by the application of advanced technology and research-backed instructional delivery methods.

Our values

Innovate, Always

We are committed to creativity and novelty because anything remarkable ever was born out of those.

Rooted in Science

We base the technological developments on theories and findings in cognitive science, making learning a richer experience.

Love it? Learn it!

At Blend-ed, learning is limited only by the amount of inquisitiveness and passion for exploring. We believe in unlimited exploration and pride in seeking knowledge at any cost.

Taller, Together

Growth is a teamwork at Blend-ed. We work towards growing together, packing in the personal growth of each team member into the company’s growth, mutual respect, motivation and inspiration ingrained into our conduct.

Drive & Deliver

At Blend-ed, we trust our team members to take ownership of their work and deliver value instead of effort. We encourage them to take responsibility and make decisions that will drive the company’s growth and success.

Better Tomorrows

Along with our dreams and goals of transforming the education system, we envision a better tomorrow for the world. The very idea of a better future is rooted in hope and we nurture it.