Published January 11, 2024

8 Reasons why Blend-ed is the best LMS for eLearning

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In a world where online education is rapidly evolving, finding the right learning management system is crucial for seamless training, effective management, and an unparalleled learning experience. Choosing the best LMS means choosing a reliable, scalable, and user-friendly LMS. That is why Blend-ed isn't just a learning management system; it's the Best LMS for eLearning.

1. Blend-ed LMS: built on Open edX, powered by Harvard and MIT

As an official partner of open edX, Blend-ed built the LMS on top of open edX. Open edX is an open-source learning management system developed by MIT and Harvard, along with contributions from Google. It also has been adopted by several other universities, such as Arizona State University Stanford University and some big corporates like IBM, Microsoft, Starbucks and AWS.

The open-source engine behind the Blend-ed makes it the best LMS for seamless delivery of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and blended learning online courses. It is also known for its scalability, allowing educational institutions to deliver online courses to a large number of students simultaneously.​

2. Simple and easy course creation tools for training

When it comes to course creation Blend-ed LMS provide a wide variety of easily usable learning content creation tools to make the best course in the e-learning industry. Whether you're delving into online course development, personalized learning paths, Blend-ed ensures a user-centric experience. With our LMS platform, course creation becomes a breeze, offering tools for instructional design and gamified elements.

Let's dive into some top learning tools of Blend-ed makes it the best LMS.

Open Response Assessment

There are 5 types of ORA that makes teaching scientific. Which includes,

  1. Peer assessment only
  2. Self-assessment only
  3. Self-assessment to Peer assessment
  4. Self-assessment to Staff assessment
  5. Staff assessment only
Cohort based teaching

Cohort based training allows instructors to make group of learners moves through a course or series of courses together makes social learning. Cohort wise teaching makes applied learning, increase Completion Rates and makes personalization in online learning.

Custom JavaScript Display and Grading

Custom JavaScript Display and Grading of open edX allows to create custom problems or tools that use JavaScript and then add the problem or tool directly. When creating a JS input problem, Studio embeds the problem in an inline frame so your learners can interact with it in the LMS.

Custom Python-evaluated Input

Custom python-evaluated input problems allow course creators to write their own Python code to evaluate learners' input.

Interactive Video

Multilingual video subtitles and in video quizzes (Quizzes, Polls, Annotations) makes learning more engaging.

Content Library

Library feature lets instructors create a library of components for use in randomized assignments. These components can include HTML, Problems, Video.

Accessibility for All

Blend-ed is the best LMS providing accessibility for all using WCAG compliances, alt texts for images and RTL (Right to left language support).

3. Gain advanced data-driven insights with Blend-ed LMS

In the era where data is generated in abundance Blend-ed LMS is the best which stands as a beacon of innovation, leveraging data sources in the most efficient manner possible. This advanced Learning Management System is more than just a learning platform; it's a comprehensive software solution with learning management system features that seamlessly transforms generated data into valuable insights, providing instructors and students with a nuanced understanding of their education and training journey.

For Instructors:

Blend-ed LMS system offers a dedicated analytics page that serves as a treasure trove of information. From total student enrollments to specific new enrollment numbers, instructors gain a comprehensive overview of their audience. The learning platform goes further by providing insights into the number of active students, overall sales revenue, and a breakdown of total online courses created, distinguishing new online courses separately. The visual representation of overall program sales facilitates quick and informative performance comparisons.

Blend-ed takes it a step further by offering monthly enrollment graphs, detailing student engagement trends over time. The platform also provides a comprehensive enrollment graph, giving instructors a detailed look at student enrollment in each course. Recognizing the importance of videos as primary course content, Blend-ed ensures instructors have insights into student engagement with details such as total and average watch time, along with the count of unique viewers. To provide a more nuanced understanding, Blend-ed introduces Video Xray— one of their unique LMS features offering a detailed x-ray of videos played by students, complete with information on replayed, sought, skipped durations, and timestamps.

For Students:

On the student side, Blend-ed's dashboard becomes a central hub for tracking overall progress in enrolled programs and weekly engagements. Students can readily access their learning analytics which includes completion percentage of the last engaged course, providing them with a snapshot of their academic journey. Transitioning to the analytics dedicated page, students can delve deeper, gaining access to their leaderboard position, a comprehensive program summary, video-watching history, and a grade book for each course. Blend-ed empowers students to use a LMS with a holistic view of their educational journey especially for higher education, enhancing their understanding and engagement with the material.

Blend-ed LMS transcends traditional data usage in the education and training sphere. By transforming raw data into actionable insights, Blend-ed ensures a tailored and effective educational experience for both instructors and students. This commitment to data-driven excellence underscores Blend-ed as one of the best learning management systems based for online education.

4. Unlocking Intelligent Guidance: AI Coach in Cutting-Edge Learning Management Systems

In the era of AI, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the EdTech industry has the most to gain from AI. Blend-ed joins this revolution with our AI coach which is set to transform the student learning experience. An inherent challenge in online education is the absence of immediate assistance, which can often lead to student demotivation. Unlike traditional learning, where direct instructor support is readily available, online platforms face difficulties in offering prompt attention. This becomes more serious when dealing with many students or instructors managing multiple courses.

Here's where our AI coach steps in, offering custom learning and guidance for each student. Uniquely trained for every unit of the course, the AI coach adapts its context to different sections, subsections, units or any learning resources based on specific requirements. Blend-ed's AI coach resolves the issue of delayed attention, helping and guidance in an optimistic manner, motivating students to successfully complete their courses. This personalized approach sets Blend-ed apart from other learning management system that's in the market.

Having such a tool at hand significantly reduces student dependency on instructors, alleviates the workload of teaching and learning for educators, and, most importantly, promotes self-paced learning. Apart from prompt assistance the AI coach assists learners in improving their responses using Open AI. By analyzing learner responses, the tool offers feedback, suggests improvements, and marks questions as complete. Additionally, it archives learners' responses for future reference, enhancing the overall experience.

Blend-ed's commitment to optimal learning and development is evident throughout our platform. As the best LMS, Blend-ed integrates AI seamlessly into its core, providing an innovative solution for education and training.

5. Transformative Education through Gamification with the best LMS

Blend-ed's core objective revolves around revolutionizing the learning experience, steering away from the traditional emphasis on rote memorization. In conventional learning, the focus often centers on memorizing topics rather than understanding concepts, resulting in individuals with low skills and performance in their respective fields. Blend-ed aims to reshape this perspective by making learning materials enjoyable and engaging, fostering an environment where students grasp content without the drudgery associated with traditional methods making Blend-ed one of the top learning management systems of 2023.

The burgeoning role of gamification in eLearning is a testament to its effectiveness in engaging and educating both employees and students. Blend-ed amplifies this impact by introducing interactive advanced components that transform the learning needs into a gamified and enjoyable experience. This approach not only enhances understanding but also promotes knowledge retention and sustained engagement, making engaging learning experiences.

From an organizational standpoint, gamified tests have become a valuable tool for selecting top-tier candidates. Blend-ed's eLearning gamification strategy proves instrumental in training employees on company policies, new concepts, and technologies making Blend-ed a suitable LMS for both employee and students. This innovative approach not only alleviates the burden on students during assessments but also nurtures a creative environment, thanks to Blend-ed's advanced components and a skilled instructional design team.

The efficacy of Blend-ed's learning outcome is evident in the remarkable improvement in learner retention. While traditional methods struggle with a 50% retention rate within the first hour, Blend-ed's gamified lessons, featuring real-world scenarios, significantly boost retention. Learners not only absorb knowledge swiftly but also retain it for an extended period, marking a paradigm shift in the learning landscape.

6. Seamless Integration Capabilities for Enhanced Learning Experiences

Blend-ed sets itself apart by offering a diverse range of integration options, providing users with the flexibility to seamlessly incorporate third-party applications into their learning environment. Leveraging the LTI foundation, Blend-ed facilitates the integration of various learning tools, transforming it into a dynamic platform that supports online video conferencing, effectively turning classes into live, interactive sessions. Moreover, Blend-ed extends its adaptability by effortlessly integrating with a plethora of third-party apps, including Google Docs and Drive, establishing itself as a flexible Absorb LMS solution for educators.

Additionally, Blend-ed boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the integration process, allowing educators to effortlessly incorporate a multitude of tools and resources into their virtual classrooms. This ease of use enables educators to enhance their teaching methods and provide a more engaging experience for their students. Furthermore, Blend-ed's ability to seamlessly integrate with various learning tools and applications enables educators to personalize their teaching approach, catering to the diverse needs of their students. This adaptability ensures that educators can provide a customized and effective learning pathway, ultimately enhancing student engagement and academic success.

Overall, Blend-ed sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive and flexible integration platform that empowers educators to create dynamic and engaging virtual learning environments for their students. Its diverse range of integration options and user-friendly interface make it an ideal solution for educators looking to enhance their teaching methods and provide a personalized learning pathway for their students.

In addition to iframe embedding, Blend-ed offers robust analytics tools that allow educators to track students' progress and engagement with course content. This data-driven approach enables instructors to identify areas for improvement and tailor their teaching methods to better meet the needs of their students.

Furthermore, Blend-ed's learning management systems also offer user-friendly interface and customizable design make it easy for educators to create engaging experiences. Whether it's creating quizzes, assignments, or discussion forums, Blend-ed is a type of learning management system that provides the tools and flexibility to foster collaboration and critical thinking among students.

With its focus on adaptability and innovation, if any institutions and educators are looking to choose a LMS to elevate their online training and learning environments Blend-ed is an unparalleled choice. Its seamless integration of iframes, advanced components, and powerful analytics sets it apart as a dynamic and versatile LMS with a unique different learning approach.

7. Fostering Effective Learning through Social Interaction with Blend-ed

Social learning, recognized as a highly effective educational method, has gained significant popularity in recent years, particularly with the surge in remote learning practices. The challenge for organizations lies in preserving their corporate culture and sustaining interaction and engagement among employees and peers. Blend-ed emerges as a solution to this challenge by seamlessly incorporating social learning into its platform, providing a range of features that enhance collaboration and peer-to-peer learning.

Blend-ed empowers instructors with the option to integrate discussion forums and sessions into their courses, creating a dynamic space for interaction. The platform goes a step further by enabling instructors to introduce sections where students can engage with each other and the instructor, fostering group studies and fruitful peer-to-peer learning. Aligning with the 70:20:10 learning model, which posits that only 10% of learning comes from textbooks and courses while the remaining 90% stems from experiences, observations, and interaction, Blend-ed ensures that instructors can integrate features promoting this holistic learning approach.

Recognizing the significance of social learning in the modern educational landscape, Blend-ed helps in choosing a learning management system that allows instructors to include feedback forms and conduct live Q&A sessions within their courses. This not only enhances understanding but also boosts productivity by encouraging active engagement.

Social learning has become an essential part of every learning process. It increases learners’ retention and productivity. We learned that interaction with other fellow learners and through observing and interacting, you're learning process is further enhanced.

Based on the stats shared above, we believe you have retained just 10% of this blog’s content. Therefore, we highly recommend you schedule a free demo session with our professionals and discuss how different social learning tools incorporated into our LMS can increase your learners' productivity.

8. Recognizing Achievements: Easily Create Certificates in Blend-ed LMS

In online learning, it's important to celebrate and acknowledge your accomplishments. Blend-ed LMS makes this easy by offering a simple and efficient certificate creation feature that adds value to your learning journey.

Blend-ed understands the significance of recognizing your hard work. Using our easy-to-use platform, teachers can quickly design and make certificates that show you've successfully finished your courses. These certificates not only make your learning experience feel more special but also prove that you've gained valuable knowledge and skills.

Creating certificates in Blend-ed is flexible and allows teachers to personalize them to match the look and feel of their school or organization. You can add things like logos and signatures to make each certificate unique and meaningful.

Blend-ed also makes getting your certificate hassle-free. Once you finish a course, you can instantly download your certificate. This instant recognition gives you a sense of achievement and pride in what you've learned.

Certificates in Blend-ed aren't just pieces of paper; they're like dynamic badges that show off your commitment and skills. Teachers can use Blend-ed to make certificates for different achievements, like finishing a course, mastering specific skills, or taking part in interactive learning events.

As we navigate the world of online education, Blend-ed's certificate creation feature shows our commitment to making your learning experience complete and rewarding. Join us in celebrating your achievements with certificates that turn every success into a badge of accomplishment.


In the rapidly evolving world of online education, Blend-ed emerges as the ultimate Learning Management System (LMS) for blended learning. All these features make Blend-ed the best choice for seamless eLearning experience. Witness how Blend-ed can revolutionize your teaching methods, engage your students, and provide a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience.

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