Open edX® Installation & Hosting by Blend-ed

Blend-ed leverages years of expertise to deploy your preferred Open edX® release onto a scalable and stable Kubernetes infrastructure, ensuring top-tier performance and reliability.

Transforming Education with Open edX®

Open edX® has revolutionized the educational landscape with its avant-garde solutions, making education accessible to all. From course creation to delivery to performance analysis, this open-source platform powers top-tier Learning Management Systems (LMS) globally.

Installation Process

Requirements Gathering

Our first step is to conduct a comprehensive requirements gathering session and needs analysis to determine the best Open edX® release for your organization.


Our team of experts will require Admin access to your cloud infrastructure to complete the installation.


Depending on the installation type, it typically takes between 10 to 30 days to have your Open edX®-based eLearning platform operational.


After installation, your platform will be themed to resonate with your brand identity. We design the LMS and Studio, integrate them with necessary plugins and third-party solutions, and set up platform monitoring tools on your hosting infrastructure.

Installation Methods


Best suited for docker-based environments for both production and development stages.


A Docker-based development environment suitable for modifying Open edX® code locally.

Reliable, Secure, and Scalable Hosting Solutions

Blend-ed's Managed Hosting Services provide a dedicated team to maintain and support your Open edX® instance on our Kubernetes infrastructure. With our expert team, we ensure the success and reliability of your platform.

Benefits of Managed Hosting

Cost Efficiency

Eliminate the operational costs and maintenance expenses of in-house hosting infrastructure.

Enhanced Security

With encrypted data hosted on secure servers safeguarded by cybersecurity experts, we ensure minimal threats to your business.


Adjust to the varying demands of your server usage with ease through autoscaling, 24/7 platform monitoring, and maintenance.

Backup & Recovery

Experience uninterrupted service with our automated data backup and disaster recovery plans.

Security Features

Infrastructure Security

Secure access to your hosting environment with support for AWS site-to-site VPN and dynamic bastion service.

Account-Level Security

Restricted access to sensitive data with locked root access and centralized account management.

Compliance Assistance

Comprehensive logging of time series data and additional compliance assistance to meet governance, risk, and compliance goals.

Breach Detection & Response

24x7x365 environment monitoring using advanced technology and analytics.

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Why Choose Blend-ed for Open edX® Installation & Hosting?


Leverage our extensive experience in Open edX® installation and hosting.


We offer customization in the Open edX® code to cater to organization-specific needs.

Full Support

From the project initiation phase to post-deployment, enjoy a seamless experience with our dedicated team.


Benefit from our robust security measures, ensuring the safety and reliability of your platform.