Craft Every Lesson, From Concept to Completion

Authoring Features

Simple authoring tool

Build courses intuitively without the need for extensive training. With an intuitive interface, you can seamlessly organize content into well-structured sections and subsections. This tool empowers you to focus on delivering impactful learning experiences while it takes care of the technicalities.

Simple authoring tool Components

Multi-user authoring

Facilitate teamwork with simultaneous course editing.

Engaging learning sequences

Organize content into structured sections and subsections.

Preview before publishing

Review content to prevent publishing errors.

Automated course release

Schedule entire courses for publication.

Content dripping

Set automatic publication dates for course sections.

Due dates for components

Set specific deadlines for graded subsections.

Course templates

Export and import courses for streamlined creation.

Reusable content

Duplicate and move sections without starting from scratch.

Direct Streaming

Soon, stream videos directly from Blend-ed.

Diverse content formats

Include PPTs, PDFs, and other web-enabled formats.

Integration capabilities

From live events to H5P components, enhance courses with diverse tools.

SCORM & XAPI content

Integrate using third-party services.

HTML5 & Video Embedding

Integrate dynamic content and videos seamlessly.

HTML5 & Video Embedding Engage

LTI protocol

Act as both an LTI consumer and provider.

Content libraries

Reuse content across multiple courses.

Diverse problem types

From multiple choice to open response, offer varied activities.

Custom feedback

Tailor feedback based on learner responses.

Proctored exams

Use third-party tools for exam proctoring.

Polls & Surveys

Engage learners with interactive polls and surveys.

Word clouds

Visualize student-submitted ideas.

Drag and drop

Easily reorder or move course content.

Learner Features

Browser-based solution

Access courses from any browser.

Video Quality & Speed Control

Optimize video playback.

Mobile experience

Access courses via mobile browsers and native apps.


Multiple ways to access content, including SSO with Auth0.

Search & Bookmark

Easily navigate and save course content.

Student notes

Personalize learning with notes on course components.

Discussion forums

Engage in course-wide or unit-specific discussions.

Wiki pages

Access articles, outlines, FAQs, and more.

Progress tracking

Monitor grades and completion with a progress bar.


Earn, share on social media, and download course certificates.

Business/Administration Features

Organization branding

Customize the platform's look and feel.

Marketing Banner

Promote new courses or offers on the mobile app homepage.

User management

Add course team members and define roles and permissions.


Ensure data safety and recovery.

Google integrations

Seamlessly integrate Google docs, slides, and calendar.

RTL support

Accommodate right-to-left languages.

Marketing front page

Showcase courses to attract learners.