Open edX® Customization with Blend-ed

In the realm of eLearning, one size doesn't fit all. With Blend-ed, your Open edX® platform becomes a reflection of your institution's unique vision and goals.

Crafting a Unique eLearning Experience

Branding & Identity

Dive deep into a platform that feels unmistakably yours. From colors to logos, make your mark.

User Experience

Design an interface that speaks directly to your audience, ensuring they stay engaged and inspired.

Content Presentation

Whether it's intricate simulations or interactive quizzes, present it in a way that resonates.

Course Management

Control, curate, and captivate. Decide what courses shine on your homepage and how.

Our Customization Palette

CMS Integration

Seamlessly weave Open edX® with renowned CMS platforms like WordPress. Content management, but better.

XBlocks, Your Way

Specialized XBlocks for that unique touch in content presentation.

Integration, Everywhere

Sync with external systems for everything from video conferencing to reporting.

Innovative Problem Types

Introduce quizzes and problems that make learning interactive and fun.


Turn learning into an engaging game. Boost motivation, boost results.

Themes That Speak

Craft themes that not only look good but feel right.

Adaptive Learning

Every learner is unique. Adapt to their pace, adapt to their style.

The Blend-ed Touch

Expertise You Can Trust

Years of diving deep into Open edX® customization. We've been there, done that.

Tailored Just for You

We listen, we understand, we deliver. Custom solutions that fit like a glove.

Always Here for You

From the first hello to the final product, and beyond. We're with you.

Secure & Steady

Custom solutions that stand tall. Security and reliability, hand in hand.

Ready to Craft Your Unique eLearning Experience?

Dive in with Blend-ed. Let's create something special.